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2019 Evaluations

Volunteer and Coach Sign-up for Evaluations

Please sign up to help run evaluations! We need coaches and parents (group leaders) to help out. No experience necessary for parents; your job is to help herd players from station to station!

Sign-up is on Google Sheets. DO NOT OVERRIDE any filled in slots.

Thank you for helping make evaluations run smoothly!

2019 Evaluations Schedule

Date Time Division
Wednesday, March 20 5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. Seniors (tentative)

Evaluations are MANDATORY for Minors, Majors, Intermediate, Juniors and Seniors. All evaluation times are subject to change.

Make-up days will be determined at a later date, if needed.

NWLL DOES NOT HAVE TRYOUTS for Regular Season, JUST EVALUATIONS! We need to determine what level the players are at in order to place them for success.

T-ball and Coach Pitch players do not evaluate. These teams are built based on information collected during the registration process.

Coach Pitch age players wishing to evaluate for Minors may attend the Minors sessions. Please email the NWLL Registrar if a Coach Pitch age player wishes to be evaluated for Minors. At evaluations Coach Pitch age players must present a cheque for $55, the difference in fees between Coach Pitch and Minors. The cheque will only be cashed if the player is assigned to a Minors team.

Minors age players wishing to play up into the Majors division must attend the Minors evaluation sessions. Please email the NWLL Registrar if a Minor Pitch age player wishes play up into the Majors division. Based on their 2019 Minors evaluation rating (must be in the top one third) a player may be offered the opportunity to attend the evaluation sessions for the Majors age division. Minor age players invited to attend the evaluation sessions for the Majors age division must present a cheque for $10, the difference in fees between Minors and Majors. The cheque will only be cashed if the player is assigned to a Majors team.

There is no guarantee that Coach Pitch and Minors players that wish to play up a division will be assigned to a team in the division they wish to play up into as it depends on if there are spaces available and if the player is successfully drafted.

External independent evaluators assess the player's competencies in various areas including, but not limited to, hitting, fielding and pitching. NWLL also utilize our own coaches to run these drills.

Once the evaluations and division drafts have been completed, players will be contacted by the coaches of the teams they have been drafted to.

2019 Evaluations Location

Absolute Baseball Academy @ 2221 Crowchild Trail NW, Calgary, AB T2M 4S7

Evaluation Sessions - Details & Procedures

All evaluations will be conducted at Absolute Baseball Academy @ 2221 Crowchild Trail NW, Calgary, AB T2M 4S7.

  • All players must sign in at Dome A (main dome with batting cages)

  • At sign in, each player will be given an identification tag number tag.

  • At sign in, please identify if you are interested that your evaluations results be forwarded to the Travel Team for consideration. For more information on the Travel Team program see the Seasons tab.

  • Players are to announce their identification tag number to the evaluators before beginning the drill to ensure they are on the evaluators list.

All players will rotate through (4) evaluation stations. The same drills will be performed at each session.

  • Hitting (performed in Dome A) in a batting cage via a coach pitching

  • Pitching (performed in Dome A) in a pitching lane with a mound (catcher will be provided)

  • Infield (performed in Dome B) in the main area

  • Outfield (performed in Dome B) in the main area

Each station will have (2) evaluation volunteers assigned to facilitate each group of kids.

Each station will have 2 external independent evaluators assigned.

Players are to be dressed in appropriate baseball gear. Baseball hat, glove, groin protection, running shoes (no cleats), helmet, batting gloves, bat. Helmets and bats will be available for players that may not have their own.

To ensure a smooth process, no parents are allowed near the evaluation stations. These areas are small to begin with and will be crowded with players, evaluators and evaluation coordinators.

Parents please note that the scheduled evaluation session may end early therefore please ensure that you do not leave the facility or if you do please ensure that you are back at least 30 minutes prior to scheduled end time.

General Information about Evaluations

NWLL utilizes external independent evaluators in order to obtain a fair and impartial evaluation of the players. 

Minor, Major, Intermediate, Junior, and Senior age divisions are divisions with a draft where assigned coaches are given the evaluation information and can select their teams based on their criteria.  Drafts are operated by rules set forth by Little League. 

More questions? Contact the Administrator or Player Agent:

NWLL Administrator

NWLL Player Agent