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Casino Volunteering

Hands coming from behind holding colorful letters that spell out Thank You

Casino Volunteer Registration

Thank you to all volunteers of the January 2020 Casino fundraiser.

Next Casino will likely be in January 2022

Registration credits and volunteer points will be awarded per completed shift pending 2022 Board approval:

  • Cash Cage/Chiprunners will receive a $100 towards 2022 NWLL registration fees & 125 volunteer points
  • Count Room 4 hour shifts will receive $50 towards 2022 NWLL registration fees & 75 volunteer points
  • There will also be a meal up to a value of $25 per volunteer per shift available at the casino

Volunteer Position Descriptions and Responsibilities

Please note that all volunteer casino positions are straight forward and not difficult. You will receive training and assistance from the Cash Cage/Count Room Advisor and Casino staff.

  • Controls Cashier’s cage floats of chips and cash.
  • Assisted by Cash Cage Advisor.
  • Busy only during opening, volunteer shift changes and closing of the casino.
  • Keeps track of all cash/ chip transfers on Casino Tracie.
  • Mathematical skills are helpful.
  • Cashes in chips for players and makes the change.
  • The cashier has an own float – does not share cash/chip float with anybody.
  • This position is quite challenging and requires concentration and accuracy.
  • This position not recommended for color blind volunteers.
  • Good manual dexterity is helpful.
  • Courier (runner) for chip orders (requests) from casino games.
  • Volunteers must be prepared to move around.
  • The position is usually busy at the opening and closing of the casino.
  • Volunteers must be able to carry up to five pounds (2 kilograms) of chips.
  • Works with Count room Advisor in recording cash counts and game wins and losses.
  • Administrative skills useful, good math (number) skills are very helpful.
  • Not required to handle cash.
  • Sorts amalgamate, counts and verify all cash from table game drop boxes.
  • Cash handling skills are an asset.
  • Volunteers should be good at working with their hands.

Following are important rules for a volunteer:

  • It is very important to arrive on time for your shift.
  • If cancellation is necessary, notify your General Manager as soon as possible.
  • The casino is non-smoking.
  • The dress is casual, but please no torn or immodest apparel.
  • Free parking stalls are available on site. No reserved area for volunteers – first come, first park! Plenty of parking space.

Volunteers CANNOT play the casino games or slot machines before, during or after their shifts, nor consume alcohol or cannabis while working.


If you have any questions, please contact the Northwest Little League Casino Coordinator, Roberta Lee

Roberta Lee

Northwest Little League Casino Coordinator