North West Little League (NWLL) FAQ

Who are we?
North West Little League (NWLL) is a not for profit, grassroots organization that is run entirely by volunteers. NWLL is a member of Calgary Little League District 3, Little League Alberta and Little League Canada. The organization follows Little League baseball rules.

What is the NWLL Mission Statement?
Our philosophy is to teach players the basics of baseball in a fun, safe environment. Along with improving their skills, an emphasis is placed on teaching them the respect of the game, other players, coaches and umpires, as well as other life skills.

Which communities does NWLL include?
Please visit our NWLL Communities page to learn what communities North West Little League Baseball Association serves.

How does NWLL operate?
NWLL is a 100% parent volunteer-run organization. The Board is made up of executive members who are elected for one- or two-year terms and are responsible for the operations of NWLL. Coaches volunteer their time to teach the baseball players the basics of the game. Please visit our volunteering page to see all the volunteer positions available.

When and what night will my child play?
Please visit our Divisions page for information on nights and times as it varies by age.

How much does it cost?
Please visit our Age Chart & Fees page for current fees.

What equipment is required?
Please visit our required player equipment page for current information on baseball equipment.

What are the volunteer requirements?
NWLL is a volunteer run organization and requires parents to earn a minimum of 300 volunteer points per player each season. Please visit our volunteering points page for further details.

Are the subsidies available for registration fees?
Our two partners for subsidies are KidSport and JumpStart. You will be required to register first and then apply online with one of these organizations.

Can my child be on the same team as his friend?
Due to increasing registrations, NWLL has implemented a procedure that one reciprocated friend request will be honoured at the Coach Pitch and T-ball divisions. This is to ensure we maintain our focus on fair play and division parity, and to avoid inadvertently creating "built" teams through multiple friend requests.

NWLL will take note of each request and keep it into consideration when assigning players to team rosters; however, no guarantees will be made.

How much travel is involved?
T-Ball to Majors play house-league games with other NWLL teams. Please visit our NWLL Diamonds page for a full listing of diamond locations.

Majors Interlock, Intermediate, Junior and Senior divisions play Interlock against other associations within District 3.

Where does your logo come from?
Our logo was based on the Seattle Mariners "S" insginia on their cap. Options with NW were tried but the founding board settled on a single N to represent the baseball association.

Is insurance taken out for players?
Yes, NWLL is required to have player insurance during the season. Insurance is administered by Little League Alberta.

Which age groups have game umpires?
NWLL’s goal is to have two trained umpires for the Minors age group games and above (home plate and bases). Umpires determine whether they are available for games depending on personal schedules. NWLL may not have sufficient umpires for every game. It has always been the policy that a parent would fill in and umpire a game if one was not available, especially at the younger ages. Spare chest protectors and masks are located in the equipment boxes at each field. NWLL continually tries to recruit umpires and provides training for them. Please visit our Umpires page to learn more.

My son/daughter is an advanced player, can they be moved to a different level or division?
As an association, we recognize the desires of both players and parents to be challenged. However, care and caution must be used in doing so as it is important to recognize players may be physically able of advancing, but not socially or emotionally.

NWLL does provide the opportunity for those players one (1) year under-aged to try and play up an age-group. In doing so, the player is required to register in their age-appropriate league level. Once the evaluation schedule has been established, those wishing to be considered for a higher age group can then contact the registrar and advise of this and they will be provided the opportunity to attend the evaluations for consideration at the higher level. However, the player MUST attend all of their own age-group evaluations and applicable older division evaluations, if applicable (there are no evaluations for Coach Pitch). This will be applied to the remainder of the registration fee for the higher age division, should the player be drafted.

Two-year underage players are not considered eligible to play up.

Friend requests are not accommodated at any draft eligible division. One reciprocated friend request will be considered at the T-ball and Coach Pitch levels only, as indicated elsewhere on the NWLL web site.

How can I sign up to Coach or Assistant Coach?
Parents have two opportunities to sign up to Coach or Assistant Coach:

  1. Coaches were invited to participate in the NWLL Winter Camps. We encourage you to connect with one of the Winter Camp organizers to participate and have an opportunity to see many of the divisional eligible players.
  2. When registering your player you will be asked to sign up for volunteer positions. At this point parents can sign up as Coaches or Assistant Coaches.